Why is uniquely flexible

  1. Chain-agnostic stack: implementations are chain-agnostic but operate on-chain, allowing for verifiable ownership and provenance without being tied to a single ecosystem of tooling.

  2. Interoperable identities: All deployments are cross-indexed, which builds a web of interoperable identities across the network.

  3. Built on MEM and everPay: is built on MEM, which is a chain-agnostic serverless functions protocol. It also uses everPay, a multichain L2 payment processor.

  4. Multichain support: MEM functions can be signed by various chains supported by This includes:

    • EVM (Ethereum, Optimism, BNB, etc.)

    • Solana

    • Polkadot

    • Arweave

    • Stacks

    • TON

    • And more

  5. Use any EVM token, or AR, as the minting currency: any token supported by everPay can be set as the necessary minting currency for deployments. If your token isn't yet listed, we are happy to liase with the team to get it supported.

  6. Apply any criteria/gating rules: Since is built on MEM, it is possible to configure any number of token-gating or off-chain requirements that must be met before an end user can mint a name.

  7. White glove service: the team will build a custom instance to meet your community's specific needs. This is useful for cases where minting needs to be done using a niche token, based on various on/off-chain criteria, or is NFT-gated.

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